Aguilar Acres
A family run Pastured Poultry Farm.

Located in Homer, GA - Aguilar Acres is run by Alfonso & Nikki Aguilar.

We provide the highest quality pastured poultry.

Our goal is to provide the best possible food for our local community and your family.

Our livestock live and eat healthy, without the use of medication or steroids.

Around here we like to say "You are what your food eats!"

What We Offer

We raise Pastured Chickens

Our Pastured Chickens are raised in free range pastures, as opposed to Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFO). Find out why our birds are better.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our Pastured Chickens are healthy, and the Eggs they produce taste great and are healthy too. We sell by the dozen and love providing quality eggs for our community.

Other Livestock & Pork

Our Pigs are delicious and we raise several a year. Each is raised naturally, non GMO and no Soy. We also have other Livestock and game! Please check out our other offerings.

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